IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering

Ying Zou
Ying Zou, Queen's University, Canada    
Effective Management of Clones   

Abstract. Code clones are identical or similar code fragments. Code clones are introduced intentionally or accidentally by copy-and-paste actions. Once created, clones must be maintained as they evolve throughout the lifetime of a software system...Read more

Jonathan I. Maletic
Jonathan I. Maletic, Kent State University, Ohio, USA    
srcML a Retrospective: The Trials and Tribulations of Building Real Software in an Academic Environment

Abstract. srcML ( is an infrastructure consisting of an XML representation for C/C++/C#/Java source code along with efficient parsing technology to convert source code to-and-from the srcML format. It is widely used by both academic researchers and industry practitioners alike. The project has been under development for ...Read more

Christian Bird
Christian Bird, Software Analysis and Intelligence (SAINT) group at Microsoft Research    
Lessons and Insights from Tech Transfers at Microsoft  

Abstract. As a basic industrial research lab, Microsoft Research expects its members to both publish basic research and put it into practice. Unfortunately, moving from a validated technique or model in a published paper to a state where that same technique is being used by and providing value ...Read more