IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering

Research Track

Qing Huang , An Qiu , Maosheng Zhong , Yuan Wang . A code-description representation learning model based on atention
Renhao Xiong , David Lo , Bixin Li . Distinguishing Similar Design Pattern Instances through Temporal Behavior Analysis
Adelina Ciurumelea , Sebastian Proksch , Harald Gall . Suggesting Comment Completions for Python Using Neural Language Models
Bo Chen , Zhenkun Yang , Li Lei , Kai Cong , Fei Xie . Automated Bug Detection and Replay for COTS Linux Kernel Modules with Concolic Execution
Victor Oliveira , Leopoldo Teixeira , Felipe Ebert . On the Adoption of Kotlin on Android Development: a Triangulation Study
Shuhan Yan , Hang Yu , Yuting Chen , Beijun Shen , Lingxiao Jiang . Are the Code Snippets What We Are Searching for? A Benchmark and An Empirical Study on Code Search with Natural-Language Queries
Fang Lv , Hao Li , Lei Wang , Ying Liu , Huimin Cui , Jingling Xue , Xiaobing Feng . Referee: a Pattern-Guided Approach for Auto Design in Compiler-Based Analyzers
Nathan Cassee , Bogdan Vasilescu , Alexander Serebrenik . The Silent Helper: the Impact of Continuous Integration on Code Reviews
Béla Vancsics , Attila Szatmári , Árpád Beszédes . Relationship Between the Effectiveness of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization and Bug-fix Types in JavaScript Programs
Brent van Bladel , Serge Demeyer . Clone Detection in Test Code: an Empirical Evaluation
Yan Cai , Yutian Tang , Haicheng Li , Le Yu , Hao Zhou , Xiapu Luo , Liang He , Purui Su . Resource Race Attacks on Android
Wei Tang , Ping Luo , Jialiang Fu , Dan Zhang . LibDX: A Cross-Platform and Accurate System to Detect Third-party Libraries in Binary code
Marco Couto , João Paulo Fernandes , João Saraiva . Energy Refactorings for Android in the Large and in the Wild
Qingzhao Zhang , Yizhuo Wang , Juanru Li , Siqi Ma . Fuzzing Smart Contracts for Efficient Exploit Generation
Zachary Eberhart , Alexander LeClair , Collin McMillan . Automatically Extracting Subroutine Summary Descriptions from Unstructured Comments
Sarah Nadi , Christoph Treude . Essential Sentences for Navigating Stack Overflow Answers
Wenhan Wang , Ge Li , Bo Ma , Xin Xia , Zhi Jin . Detecting Code Clones with Graph Neural Network and Flow-Augmented Abstract Syntax Tree
Manishankar Mondal , Banani Roy , Chanchal K. Roy , Kevin Schneider . HistoRank: History-Based Ranking of Co-change Candidates
Yuyao Zhang , Siqi Ma , Juanru Li , Kailai Li , Surya Nepal , Dawu Gu . SMARTSHIELD: Automatic Smart Contract Protection Made Easy
Valentina Lenarduzzi , Francesco Lomio , Heikki Huttunen , Davide Taibi . Are SonarQube Rules Inducing Bugs?
Fiorella Zampetti , Alexander Serebrenik , Massimiliano Di Penta . Automatically Learning Patterns for Self-Admitted Technical Debt Removal
Guanhua Li , Yijian Wu , Chanchal Roy , Jun Sun , Xin Peng , Nanjie Zhan , Bin Hu , Jingyi Ma . SAGA: Efficient and Large-Scale Detection of Near-Miss Clones with GPU Acceleration
Paolo Boldi , Antoine Pietri , Sebastiano Vigna , Stefano Zacchiroli . Ultra-large-scale Repository Analysis via Graph Compression
Árpád Beszédes , Ferenc Horváth , Massimiliano Di Penta , Tibor Gyimothy . Leveraging Contextual Information from Function Call Chains to Improve Fault Localization
Johannes Härtel , Ralf Lämmel . Incremental Map-Reduce on Repository History
Aline Brito , Andre Hora , Marco Tulio Valente . Refactoring Graphs: Assessing Refactoring over Time
Daniel San Martín , Bento Siqueira , Valter Camargo , Fabiano Cutigi Ferrari . Characterizing Architectural Drifts of Adaptive Systems
Pascal Gadient , Mohammad Ghafari , Marc-Andrea Tarnutzer , Oscar Nierstrasz . Web APIs in Android through the Lens of Security
Marcel Steinbeck , Marc-Oliver Rüdel , Rainer Koschke . How EvoStreets are Observed in Three-Dimensional and Virtual Reality Environments
Samridhi Choudhary , Christopher Bogart , Carolyn Rose , James Herbsleb . Using productive collaboration bursts to analyze open source collaboration effectiveness
Basma Alqadi , Jonathan Maletic . Slice-Based Cognitive Complexity Metrics for Defect Prediction
Jonathan Saddler , Cole Peterson , Sanjana Sama , Shruthi Nagaraj , Olga Baysal , Latifa Guerrouj , Bonita Sharif . Studying Developer Reading Behavior on StackOverflow During API Summarization Tasks
Ariel Afonso , Altigran Da Silva , Tayana Conte , Alessandro Garcia , João Cavalcanti , Paulo Martins . LESSQL: Dealing with Database Schema Changes in Continuous Deployment
Lannan Luo . Heap Memory Snapshot Assisted Program Analysis for Android Permission Specification
Kijin An , Eli Tilevich . D-Goldilocks: Automatic Redistribution of Remote Functionalities for Performance and Efficiency
Scott Brisson , Ehsan Noei , Kelly Lyons . We Are Family: Analyzing Collaboration in GitHub Software Repositories and their Forks
Hongliang Liang , Lin Jiang , Lu Ai , Jinyi Wei . Sequence directed hybrid fuzzing
Filipe Falcão Batista Dos Santos , Caio Barbosa , Baldoino Fonseca dos Santos Neto , Alessandro Fabrício Garcia , Márcio Ribeiro , Rohit Gheyi . On Relating Technical, Social Factors, and the Introduction of Bugs
Alvi Mahadi , Karan Tongay , Neil Ernst . Cross-Dataset Design Discussion Mining
C M Khaled Saifullah , Muhammad Asaduzzaman , Chanchal K Roy . Exploring Type Inference Techniques of Dynamically Typed Languages
Jing Kai Siow , Cuiyun Gao , Lingling Fan , Sen Chen , Yang Liu . CORE: Automating Review Recommendation for Code Changes
Zhaoxu Zhang , Hengcheng Zhu , Ming Wen , Yida Tao , Yepang Liu , Yingfei Xiong . How Do Python Framework APIs Evolve? An Exploratory Study
Antônio Carvalho , Welder Luz , Diego Marcílio , Rodrigo Bonifacio , Gustavo Pinto , Edna Dias Canedo . C-3PR: A Bot for Fixing Static Analysis Violations via Pull Requests
Manishankar Mondal , Banani Roy , Chanchal K. Roy , Kevin Schneider . Associating Code Clones with Association Rules for Change Impact Analysis
Guangjie Li , Hui Liu , Jiahao Jin , Qasim Umer . Deep Learning Based Identification of Suspicious Return Statements